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A Stress Free Wedding Morning, Yes Really!

Posted on January 21, 2017 at 1:05 PM

Yes this is what the title says, a guide to a stress free wedding morning and yes it realy is possible! No doubt any bride to be has become pretty skilled at planning, negotiating and time management. Im sure there has been stresses, but just look all that planning and here you are on your wedding morning! So don't let all your skilled planning fail you at the last minute, all you need is a little extra thought put into those final few hours before you say I do! I've being a wedding day make up artist for almost a decade now (suddenly starting to feel old!) but I have seen lots of wedding mornings so here are my tips for an enjoyable and relaxed wedding morning...

  • Make sure you have contact details (ideally mobile numbers) for everyone who will be arriving on the morning, including your hairdresser, make up artist and florist. That way if they are running late or not arriving at the time you thought you can contact them. Why not even ask if they could send you a quick text to let you know they are on the way?
  • Allow more time than less. Your wedding day is one day where you would be better to be ready early than late. Work back from your wedding time, what time are the cars coming? Then aim to be getting in dresses an hour before cars are due to arrive, so hair and make up ideally should be done by this point. It may seem early but a lace up dress can take some fitting, I've known it take 45 minutes in the past. It will also allow time for any photographs your photographer may want to take before you leave or just a quick glass of processco with your bridesmaids! It may seem early but it is far better to do this relaxed than be rushing and getting hot and bothered when you have done your hair and make up.
  • Make sure your bridesmaid, mum, friend, or whoever is fitting you in your dress, especially if it is lace up has practised and knows what they are doing. Less stress for them and you. Some dress shops even offer a service where they come out to fit you in your dress on the day and from what I have seen this is well worth considering.
  • Have the morning you want! If you want to be surrounded by bridesmaids and family, friends, neighbours.... then go for it, it certainly creates a more party, buzzing atmosphere. But again only if this is what you want. If this is going to stress you too much just keep it small and get ready peacefully.
  • Eat breakfast, even if you feel you cant face it, go for something light. It can be along time until you eat your meal and you don't want to feel faint.
  • Stay hydrated. Yes you are well entitled to a glass of fizz on your wedding morning but stay hydrated too, stop a little before so you arent loo running but early on to make sure you get some water, not only will you feel better but you will look better too with fresh, hydrated skin.
  • Avoid using any new products (e.g facially or in the shower) just before your wedding incase of any reactions! Maybe unlikely but not worth the risk. Give your skin a little massage when putting your night cream on the night before and again in the shower on the morning to give skin a natural boost and glow.
  • Check that you are getting the same make up artist/hairdresser as at your trial! Saves stress if a different person turns up on the day.
  • Take a deep breath, relax and smile and enjoy your wedding morning! It will be one of the best days of your life and enjoy the hours leading up to it too! Why not have a little time to yourself saying as the day will be so busy? Maybe just getting up a little earlier to have a coffee on your own, time to compose yourself and look forward to what is to come.

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